Deliver a global app.
Because the future is not going to create itself.

Your business needs a global minded partner, to enable the technology for a globally scalable product.

For Founders/Entrepreneurs

You have an idea, and we have the knowledge, the contacts and the tools to make it happen.

For Startups

You have an early product, and we have the know-how, people and process to take it to a global operational standard.

For established businesses

You have an operational process, and we have the the knowledge and experience to deliver you the software to enable it.

Our Process

Define the problem. Plan a solution. Execute. Evaluate.

Tech strategy

From the definition of the problem, the plan to solve it, and all the way to the actual programming and deployment, we take care of everything.

Managed process

From first contact, we establish concrete goals and then follow a process to deliver on them, aided by our CRM and Project Management system.

Safe Transactions

Project delivery is guaranteed and covered by our escrow partner and all our work comes with 3 months warranty against programming defects.

Our Stack

Firebase + Node + Native development
A stack designed to get results.


Managed by Google, Firebase is a nosql database with tons of ready-made functionality, enabling us to deliver faster, with less errors and with zero worries about future infrastructure.


Node is the javascript runtime built on top of Chrome engine, hugely popular today for building all kinds of connected apps.

Native Mobile

Whether Swift or Java/Kotlin, we have the skill and knowledge to deliver applications for the major mobile platforms. Documented. Fast. Small. Not reliant on external libraries nor providers, and respectful of the conventions used in each platform.

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